Solar panels and systems are tough and can withstand the test of time. With some panels rated for up to 210 MPH winds, they do take a beating. While this is the case, like everything in life, your system will perform better with maintenance, cleaning, and periodic check-ups.


In some cases the initial installation may not have been up to par. With our expertise we can spot these things and advise or address these issues, saving you money and disappointment in the solar industry.


Sadly there are cases where initial contractors are not around or not liable for repairs, as well as other situations where home owners have purchased a home and have no idea who performed the installation job. We can help, there is no need to feel lost. We specialize in Residential Solar Services.


We collaborate with companies such as Fronius,  Solar Edge, Sonnen and SMA to service,  repair  or replace their equipment when necessary. In our 10 plus years of experience we have come across a variety of issues and circumstances and this is why the professionals trust us to get the job done right!

  • Solar Hot Water Leaks
  • Solar Pool leak Leaks
  • Solar Panel Removals
  • Solar Panel Re-installations for Re-Roofs
  • Inverter Replacements or Repairs
  • Solar Panel System Maintenance
  • Consulting as a Service
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A List of our Solar Repair Services...

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Solar PV System Repairs, Solar Hot Water and Pool Repair

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